Get the Exact “Proverbs 31 Protocol"

Former Mrs. Georgia and Faith-Based Fitness Instructor Mama Z Uses to Stay Fit, Happy, and Healthy… After 40 and 5 Kids!

This all-levels, “inflammation-friendly” workout and recipe bundle combines movement with good, healing food that makes it easy for Christian women to finally eat, move, and ENJOY abundant health the way God intended — even if mobility issues, pain, or extra LBs are making it difficult 
to make a change!


Making Time for God Means Making Time for Your Health...

Can I be transparent with you?

Between being a mom, always striving to be a Proverbs 31 wife, 
and trying to keep up with church, family, and friends…

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that God asks us to honor Him with our health.

In fact, our health is one of the first things we tend to put on the back burner when we’re busy trying to live a Godly life!

Before we know it, we’re waking up with aches and pains, and our pants hardly fit!

Deep down we KNOW God intended more for us than a rollercoaster of stress, pain, and bingeing on Oreos…

But once you’ve gotten far enough down that road (or have had five kids like me!)
it can be hard to find your way back to the path of abundant health.

...And I don’t say any of that to judge, because trust me, I’ve been there!

With a husband, and a busy schedule, and yes — five kids! — I too have struggled with finding time to care for my health…

And I’ve struggled with chronic stress, illness and exhaustion because of it.

For the longest time, it all felt pretty hopeless.

I knew there had to be a better way…but I was stuck in the same old rut, giving into quick fixes in the hope of FINALLY feeling better.

(After all, what’s a busy mama to do in a situation like this?!)

And if I’m being completely honest, it took my husband and I a LONG time to finally find solutions that worked for us and our family.

The process is NOT one-dimensional, and it’s definitely not linear…

But I’ll tell you this… 

If you are fueling your body with good food, and moving it every day, you’re already halfway to living

the abundant life God wants for you.

The time you take to move your body, the meals you cook, the ingredients you use, and the way you prepare your food can make a HUGE difference to your mood, your wellness, and your LIFE.

…Not to mention the way your family approaches their busy days.

The fact is, without a good foundation of wholesome, filling food and nurturing ingredients, it’s hard to start your day off on the right foot…

Let alone live a healthy, fulfilling life with the energy and passion to honor God!

Hi, I’m Sabrina Zielinski — but everyone in our community calls me Mama Z...

I’m a certified group fitness and martial arts instructor, health coach, lactation consultant, 2019’s Mrs. Georgia, and a natural health guru.

My husband, Dr. Eric Zielinski (most people call him Dr. Z…), is a public health researcher trained in aromatherapy, a bestselling author in the natural health space, happily married husband, proud father, and faithful Christian.

It’s our mission to educate and support as many people as possible, and help them live complete, abundant lives full of health and happiness…

...Starting with movement and nutrition!



For years, we struggled with our health and happiness. We were chronically sick, unhappy and stressed…and nothing we did seemed to help!

Conventional wisdom left us feeling WORSE, and information on the internet was biased and unhelpful at best.

It wasn’t until we dug deep on our own that we were able to FINALLY uncover the powerful truths that have allowed us to transform our lives, reclaim our health and fall back in love with life…

…the natural way!

Once we “cracked the code”,
I was able to…

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because I’m willing to bet you’re ready to make a change…

And let’s be honest… you probably don’t want to spend 10+ years struggling, testing and studying health and nutrition yourself. After all, you’re busy!

That’s why I’m here to share my knowledge with you.

I’ve compiled ALL my hard-earned knowledge into an easy-to-use starter bundle that gets results!

(…and doesn’t take years to start reaping the rewards…)

This Is for You If...

You’re sick of scouring the internet for ideas, only to be flooded with biased companies and misinformation 

You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get on top of your health and wellness but nothing ever seems to work

You’re looking for delicious, family-friendly meals that your kids will ACTUALLY want to eat

You’re ready to bring movement into your day, but you don’t want to spend hours struggling at a boring gym


Mama Z’s Fit 40 And Beyond Bundle

Fit 40 & Beyond Exercise Class

Simple Sensational Salads Class

Gluten-Free Italian Cooking Class

Mama Z’s Fit 40 And Beyond Bundle is the ultimate kick-start guide to supporting health, wellness and healing in yourself and your family!

Packed with delicious recipes, simple workout routines and doable goals, you’ll be able to make real progress in a short amount of time.

Plus, everything we teach is backed by research, experience and a LOT of trial and error (so it saves you time in your busy day).

These are the REAL strategies and techniques that I have personally used to change my life (and start my journey to long-term, Biblical., natural wellness).

But you don’t have to take it from me…

Here’s What People Are Saying
“Natural Living Family”...

“I am just feeling amazing!”

I am just feeling amazing! I feel lighter, more energized! I am stepping up the speed of my running and increasing leg and booty intensity in my workouts.

— Elizabeth B.

“I'm focusing on my workouts!”

I’ve been using my son as a weight (instead of an excuse to not workout). He makes a great 23-pound weight! I’m finally able to focus on my workouts!

— Cristina B.

“Mama Z makes meal planning so easy!”

Many of us did not learn growing up what was healthy, we just ate what was put in front of us (good or bad). I love that these recipes are all make ahead recipes and are good for several days. They make meal planning so easy.”

— Vicky N..

“EVERY recipe I have made is amazingly delicious!!

I don’t see much posted about this…but have any of you tried any of Mama Z’s food recipes? Because EVERY one I have made has been amazingly delicious!!

— Christina L.

Imagine Having More Energy to Spend with Your Family, Confidence, and Passion to Fulfill Your Purpose (Just By Making The Switch To Nourishing, Delicious Recipes!)

What if you had on-hand, delicious recipes your family loved (without compromising on health, or taste)!

Imagine how energized you would feel if you could start moving every day, with simple, fun, doable routines?

Sounds pretty good, right? 

Trust me, it is!

Here’s What You’ll Get With

Mama Z’s Fit 40 Bundle

Fit 40 & Beyond Exercise Class

Simple Sensational Salads Class

Gluten-Free Italian Cooking Class

Fit 40 And Beyond

An appropriate-for-all-fitness-levels, at-home workout video series that’s fun, doable and makes the decision to exercise easy!

Gluten-Free Italian Masterclass

A gluten-free, allergy-friendly Italian cooking class. Enjoy your favorite Italian foods (the healthy, tasty, gluten-free way) while supporting body transformation, anti-inflammation and much more!

Simple Sensational Salads

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be exhausting, expensive or boring. Discover the fun, easy and budget-friendly way to eat your way to good health.


But you won’t be paying anywhere NEAR that…

(Still, if that were the price, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s worth it
what price can you put on the health of your family?) 

For a very limited time, you can get access to

Mama Z’s Fit 40 And Beyond Bundle


Reg. $147

Only $47

You Really Only Have 2 Options...


You could leave now and go back to living life like you always have, doing the same old things and getting the same old, tired results…


You can make a great decision and transform your life with the jump-start program I personally used to turn my life around…and start making some real changes in your life!

About The Natural Living Family

At Natural Living Family, we believe the abundant life Christ refers to in John 10:10 is made up of SEVEN key areas, and we need to strive to care for each of them to experience true Biblical health. These seven areas include: spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, financial, occupational, and social.

Each area is connected to each other and, like a chain, you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Enjoying Biblical health, then, is about finding balance in all aspects of life and seeking to improve each and every area without letting one lag behind.

And, this is the driving purpose behind Natural Living Family. To help you do just that.


While everyone is different, many people have had REAL success using this program!

This starter program is a great foundation into health and wellness, and we believe everyone has the right to nutritious food and good workouts (no matter your budget).

Yes, absolutely! This program is designed for the average woman, with average fitness experience – fun, simple and easy!

Definitely not! This is designed to give you quality recipes that don’t compromise on exceptional taste and amazing quality everyone will love.