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EO Profile: Clary Sage
EO Profile: Frankincense
EO Profile: Lemongrass
EO Profile: Orange
EO Profile: Tea Tree
EO Profile: Turmeric

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Want to save yourself HOURS of going down the “Dr. Google” rabbithole?

If you want to expand your knowledge of essential oils, but you hate having to Google every little thing to make sure you’re using your oils correctly and safely…

This Essential Oil Profile database is for you!

My Essential Oil Profile Database gives you the full breakdown of 50 of the most commonly used essential oils…

Geranium Rose Profile

Everything has already been researched and tested, so you don’t have to check your sources or wonder if you’re getting safe information.

Having a database like this in your back pocket is a big step towards more autonomy over what you put on and in your body when it comes to your health…

And you can even print these profiles out to hang in your kitchen, bathroom, or to give to loved ones who are exploring essential oils, too!

Here’s a peek at the essential oil profiles included!
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Black Pepper
Carrier Oils
Carrot Seed
Clary Sage
Fir Needle
Frankincense II
Palo Santo
Tea Tree
Ylang Ylang
This is what you have to look forward to when you start feeling more confident about using essential oils with a database like this…
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Grandkids No Longer Have Tummy Trouble
…Our 2 grandchildren love staying with us. Bedrooms have sleep and relax diffusers. Loved so much they both now have diffusers in home bedrooms! Of course, grammie must make the diffuser blend and send it home! One has stomach issues, we run a small diffuser in kitchen at meal times, for happy tummy and happy meals. So very helpful for tummy upset, no longer have tummy trouble…
Patricia Allyn
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Our Family’s Health Has Improved
…I’ve been using EOs for 3 years and have detoxified my home from chemicals, my first aid kit is my oil collection and our family health has improved, mine especially as I have several health issues and allergies. I’ve also been sharing the benefits of oils but this hasn’t been easy, however the evidence based literature you provide is making this a whole lot easier…
Carole S.
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My Skin Feels Better In Just 2 Days
I’ve already made up several roller bottles, sprays, and the Joyful blend Moisturizer which truly has made my skin feel much better in just 2 days. I’m into my “senior years” and it feels like it did when I was in my 20s.
Wanda Whitney
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I Love Living Pain Free
My health has dramatically gotten better since following Dr. Z and Mama Z 😍 I love living pain free, and learning to eat so much healthier!!!! My pantry and laundry has changed… I’m always sharing the knowledge and hands on treatment with others…. Thanks for opening my eyes to Essential oils and more!!!! I enjoyed meeting you in Imlay at the Lavender Festival, you guys are the REAL DEAL.
Dee K.
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Enjoy Staying Up-To-Date on Essential Oils
I like to stay connected with like-minded essential oil users and I thoroughly enjoy and want to stay up to date on information about essential oils. Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge.
Jeanne Corrin
Whether you want to become the go-to essential oils resource in your inner circle or you just want to have natural alternatives you can turn to in a pinch…
Then you’re going to get a TON of use out of the Essential Oil Profile Database!

This much information would normally cost you HOURS of time sifting through research and verifying each and every essential oil use, benefit, and interaction…

Not to mention, essential oils aren’t cheap! If you’re spending $10-20+ per bottle, you NEED to know how to use those oils so they don’t go to waste.

The good news is, the Essential Oil Profile Database costs LESS than ONE essential oil!

Great deal, right? To add to that, I’m throwing in a 30-day guarantee so you can feel confident about adding this database to your natural healing “toolbelt” today.

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