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These oils are medicine, and when you consider traditional medicine takes nearly a decade to learn, it makes sense that you can’t just dive into essential oils without proper, ongoing guidance.

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Essential Oil Profiles
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Access an A-Z database of the oils distilled for you in a format that’s ideal for beginners to advanced, it’s perfect for you.
Health & Disease Applications ($297 Value)
Discover new, research-backed ways to add the amazing benefits of essential oils to your medicine cabinet and everyday life!
Audio & Video Collection
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Get on-demand access to dozens of DIY demo videos, plus 35+ video Q& A archive where we discuss how to use essential oils to approach every health condition from dementia to cancer to fungal infections!
Essential Oils Revolution 1 & 2 Summits + Bonus Bundle
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Get your most important essential oil questions answered by Dr. Z’s famous Essential Oil Revolution Summits, which includes 19 BONUS interviews, 9 eBooks, searchable transcripts, printables & handy charts that you can download, print out and use as you learn.
eBook Library
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Get instant access to Dr. Z’s coveted eBook collection covering important topics like cancer, gut health, first aid, weight loss, oral health, diabetes, women’s health and more —all downloadable and printable!

Charts & Recipe Card Collection
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HUNDREDS of downloadable, printable recipe cards, charts & guides will be at your fingertips with step-by-step instructions making your DIY journey that much easier!
What to expect from Essential Oils Club
Confidence That You’re Using Essential Oils Safely and Effectively
Remove all of the guesswork and misinformation around essential oil safety, quality, and efficacy.
Save Hundreds of Dollars on Home, Body Care, and Over-the-Counter Products Each Year
Get unlimited access to recipes and applications to start making your own home, body care, and over-the-counter alternatives that save you money over time.
Hope and Guidance for Healing on Your Own Terms
Open the door to a world of alternative options you may not hear about anywhere else with exclusive health reports, ebooks, and more
I am currently studying aromatherapy and this book and all the information you have opened to door to will be invaluable […] As a Christian I want to incorporate all that God has for me into what I do and influence others on their health journey the way you have done for me.
Jenni L.
More Praise for the Essential Oils Club…
5 Stars
I Love That This Is Non-Branded!
Also love how easy the member portal is to use and navigate.
Lauren K.
5 Stars
Here’s to Good Health!
I joined the club because I was looking for a central place of info on how to use E.O. effectively for health & home… I find the website easy to navigate which is a blessing since I have trouble keeping a train of thought going some days. Here’s to good health!


5 Stars
I Am Turning My House Into a Healthy Living House!
I found Dr. Z out of nowhere, just watching the videos made me happy. Then I joined the group. I am turning my house into a healthy living house!

Kris B.

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Get UNLIMITED Membership to Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club for Just $97 with No Renewal Fees (Ever)!

$127 per year
No Subscription Fees (Ever!)
Discover, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal
100% Money-Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee
No questions asked, no hassels, no problem.
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