Fight Pain, Burn Fat, Balance Your Mood & Hormones with 28 Delicious Meals that will Soothe Inflammation Once & For All!
Mama Z's 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset Plan
Get Mama Z’s 7-Day Meal Plan + Shopping Lists + Anti-Inflammation Food Guide to give you the support YOU need to fight flare-ups, beat bloat & enjoy a pain-free life!

Here’s a sneak peak at Day 1 so you can see how easy and delicious fighting inflammation can be…
You deserve to enjoy delicious gluten-free, dairy-free & sugar-free meals + get the healthy food tips you need to soothe inflammation!
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Welcome to the Natural Living Family!
I’m Sabrina Ann Zielinski (or “Mama Z”), former Mrs. Georgia, Bible Health expert, and co-author of The Essential Oils Diet & The Essential Oils Apothecary…

Because you’re part of our Natural Living Family, I want to give you a simple, 7-day meal plan that I believe is ESSENTIAL for any natural healing journey.

Here’s why…

According to a growing body of research, the food you eat has a massive impact on your stress levels, inflammation, and of course — your weight.

You probably already know this, but one study published in the National Library of Medicine tells us that:

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“Diets that promote inflammation are high in refined starches, sugar, saturated and trans-fats, and low in omega-3 fatty acids, natural antioxidants and fiber from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains…”1

That means you could try all the best supplements, pills, and creams the market has to offer…

But if you’re eating inflammatory foods (knowingly or unknowingly), you’re literally FEEDING the pain, gut issues, skin concerns, weight struggles, and mood imbalances you’re trying to avoid!

The challenge is, most people make 3 big mistakes when they try to clean up their diet.
You change too much too quickly
Instead of taking it a day at a time, most people put too much pressure on themselves with a “life sentence”.
You’re getting info from random bloggers or magazines
Learning from others’ personal experience can be inspiring, but it’s not always an effective or evidence-based approach!
You don’t have a plan
Swearing off gluten and dairy is a start, but without a specific, day-by-day plan, you’re likely to slip back into old eating habits when you’re tired, busy, or bored.
Instead, the 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset I’ve put together offers a small, doable commitment that’s backed by research and gives you an easy, step-by-step plan!

Not only that, but these same delicious recipes have helped thousands of people in my online natural living community take control of inflammatory issues like eczema, pain, gut issues, and more — including me!

Even though I’m now the healthiest I’ve ever been as a mom of 6 over 40 years old and have a Mrs. Georgia title to my name (thank you, Jesus!), I know what it’s like to live with nearly-debilitating food sensitivities that affect the rest of your life — whether it’s missing out on social functions, work, or vacations because you don’t feel good…

Or simply dealing with the fear that anything you put in your mouth might cause you to feel sick, foggy, bloated, or worse (believe it or not, there was a time in my life when I could only eat FOUR foods because everything else made me sick!)

The good news is, it’s possible to manage and even prevent inflammation naturally with the food you eat…

Which is why I want to give you a massive discount on a FULL WEEK of recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free — but full of nutrition and delicious flavor!
This 84-page meal plan includes:
Icon 28 Step-By-Step
28 Step-By-Step Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, and Dessert Recipes
Know what to eat, when to eat, and WHY to eat it! Each recipe you’ll find is not only delicious, tested, and perfected — they’re also backed by research to support an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.
Icon Printable Shopping Lists
Printable Shopping Lists for Each Recipe
Love having a REAL shopping list in front of you? Me too! You’ll find a shopping list for EVERY meal so you’re never guessing.
Icon Shopping Guides
Shopping Guides for What to Avoid & What to Include
I want you to feel empowered to keep shopping and eating this way long after this week is over, so I’ve included a “cheat sheet” for the foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet!
Icon Bonus
A BONUS Guide for Picking the Right Probiotic to Accelerate Your Healing Journey!
Gut health is the cornerstone to managing inflammation, but not all probiotics are worth your money. I’ll share my go-tos so you can make the best decision for YOU.
Take a look at what people are saying about the recipes in this amazing plan…
5 Stars
Health has dramatically improved
My health has dramatically gotten better since following Dr. Z and Mama Z 😍 I love living pain free, and learning to eat so much healthier!!!
Dee Kula
5 Stars
Fabulous recipes
Hi, your recipes are fabulous! Thank you…🙏
Anna Williams
5 Stars
A great gift
What a great gift…thank you for all the recipe ideas!
This 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset is perfect for you if you’re tired of feeling sick, foggy, lethargic, bloated, or worse after you eat…

OR if you’re having a hard time sticking to an anti-inflammatory
diet you actually enjoy!

Plus, as a special BONUS, I’m also throwing in my Holiday Survival Guide for FREE! ($47 Value)

This 105-page Survival Guide is full of DIY gift ideas, inspiration and family-favorite Holiday recipes that are anti-inflammatory, allergy-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free!

Most people don’t realize this, but having familiar meals to fall back on is SO important when you switch over to a new diet so you don’t get bored or tempted to “cheat”.

In other words, you can have your cake and eat it, too… and I’ll chow you how to make that cake gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free so it doesn’t hurt your gut.

This way you can enjoy your anti-inflammatory lifestyle all year long!

At just $7 for all of this, you’re getting a week’s worth of anti-inflammatory recipes for LESS than a cookbook or magazine at the store.

And as always, I’m throwing in my 30-day guarantee so all you have to say is “maybe” to this exclusive offer.

So if you’re ready to give your body the break it needs to heal…

Order Now and Save 93% On Mama Z’s 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset!
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