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New to essential oils? Worried you aren’t using them the “right” way? Want to live a healthier, more abundant life with oils but don’t know where to start?

When you join my club, you’ll get INSTANT access to my complete collection of backed-by-science aromatherapy resources.

Researcher-Formulated Mom-Approved

As a special bonus, my wife Sabrina ensures all the recipes and remedies we share with you are kid-friendly, mother-approved and real-life tested to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

GOOD NEWS! You Can Unlock My Complete Library of Backed-by-Science Resources so You Can Use Essential Oils with Confidence!

FINALLY! A Carefully Curated Collection of Brand-Neutral, Unbiased Resources that will Educate & Empower You with the Backed-By-Science Strategies that You Need to Use Essential Oils the Right Way & Enjoy a Healthier, More Abundant Life.

“I started using EOs because I listened to you on a health summit. Your education has helped me understand on a deeper level how to use continue to use EOs wisely. Thank you for caring deeply about our health and our choices.

“I have been using EOs in my homemade cleaning products. Now, I am confident to take it to the ‘next level’ and use them in body care and health prevention.”

– Karen W.

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Essential oils may be the answer you’ve been praying for…

Hi there, friend,

Here’s what we know… Chronic conditions like obesity, cancer, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, anxiety & depression are consistently (and constantly) on the rise.

The good news is most of these conditions are preventable, reversible, even treatable with natural remedies and solutions, like essential oils. And there are HUNDREDS of research studies to show us how to do it!

The bad news is there’s so much unreliable, untested and agenda-based information floating out there about essential oils, you just can’t be sure what to believe and what to completely ignore.

Essential oils are extremely potent & powerful.


Chemical burns.

Skin irritation.

Or even…

… adverse reactions with drugs.

Using essential oils incorrectly can lead to all of this.

The reason?

Not diluting the oils properly.

Not inhaling them correctly.

Or worse…

not using them for the right condition.

Bottom line?
You NEED to apply them the right way to make sure you’re using them safely & effectively.
According to the American College of Health Sciences,

Ignorance or disregard of basic essential oil safety information can be one of the most dangerous mistakes to make with essential oils.
What’s the solution?

How can you get the vital essential oil information you need without being misinformed or sold on to their sales pitch?

How can you learn how to use essential oils to combat illness and disease without wading through “Dr. Google’s” pools of conflicting information?

How can you make the best use of your limited time and precious $$s to make your own household cleaners, cosmetics and skincare products without worrying they’ll ruin the kitchen countertop or worsen your acne?

Dr. Z
Hi! I’m Dr. Eric Zielinski and I’ve created a special online resource for you – the eager-to-learn essential oil enthusiast who doesn’t want to settle for recipes from Pinterest and doesn’t want to be pressured into becoming part of an MLM business!
Why should you listen to what I have to say?
Well, I’m a public health researcher who specializes in aromatherapy, but, that’s not all.

I’m also a Bible health pioneer and the author of the bestselling book, The Healing Power of Essential Oils, which has sold more than 150,000 copies and has been published in 9 languages across the world.

While you get evidence-backed, research-based information from me, my wife Sabrina Ann Zielinski (“Mama Z”) ensures all the recipes and remedies we share with you are kid-friendly, mother-approved and tested to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

As parents to 5 children, we take natural health and wellbeing very seriously indeed.

Zielinkski Family Photo

I’ve been using EOs for about 7 years, so I have lots of oils; but never have I experienced so much health improvement from them as I do now since taking the masterclass.

Every day, I make one new product from your recipes. And every day my health improves. I am so grateful for your work — the whole team!

– Linda C.

Thank you Dr Z & Mama Z for sharing all those wonderful recipes.

My family and I were coming down with the flu and we use the immune buster shot for about three days, from the moment the symptoms started to when we began feeling better.
The shortest flu episode ever!

– Leny M.

Doing natural healing for cancer is a lonely and scary journey, the online portal offers a wealth of useful and trustworthy information.

And the kind support from other members is invaluable.
The online portal is a place where I can keep nourishing and strengthening my faith in fighting cancer. I’m very grateful for that!

– Nancy C.
What is the Essential Oils Club?

This Essential Oils Club is quite simply the ONLY evidence-based, brand-neutral essential oil education resource for those who want an easy-to-access yet comprehensive digital library at their fingertips.

It is a single-stop online essential oil university with Certification-level content that’s designed to arm you with everything you want to know about using oils…

without wasting time, money or effort on recipes and remedies that don’t work.

If you’ve ever wondered…

“How do you make your own blends?”

“What’s the best way to stop using chemicals in my home with DIY products?”

“How can I test the quality of my oils to know they’re right for me and my family?”

“Living with a chronic condition like autoimmunity is overwhelming. If only I could get simple adjustments to make, it would be SO much easier.”

… you’re in the RIGHT place!

You simply won’t find this level of comprehensive essential oils data, in one place, anywhere else!

“I joined to learn about oils and gain the confidence and knowledge to be able to use them, and that has definitely happened.

“I love the club because it is so friendly and there are so many testimonials about how oils have transformed people’s lives for the better, and that’s lovely to hear.”

– Julie C.
Lavender Profile

Inside the Essential Oils Club, you’ll benefit from my years of evidence-based research on using essential oils.

With the A-Z database of the oils distilled for you in a format that’s ideal for beginners to advanced, it’s perfect for you.

And… it’s non-branded, so no matter which oil company is your favorite, the information contained in the “Essential Oil Profiles” section of the Club applies.

Detoxification Application

Discover new, research-backed ways to add the amazing benefits of essential oils to your medicine cabinet and everyday life!

The “Health & Disease Applications” section of the Club is packed with proven formulations, easy to follow do-it-yourself (DIY) remedies, food recipes & special reports on a wide variety of health conditions so you can learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

Detoxification Application

Want to learn how to use essential oils to soothe inflammatory joints or throbbing headaches? We got that!

Want an effective flea and tick repellent for your pet… that is safe for the rest of the family? We got that!

Want to light a “love spark” between you and your partner? We got that too!

Audio & Video

Get On-Demand Access to Over 100 (and growing) expert interviews and DIY demo videos!

Over 265,000 people benefited from world-renowned experts featured in the Essential Oils Revolution 1 and 2… and the entire video library can be yours to access anytime in the Audio & Video section of the club.

Also included: my entire live Q & A Archive (27+ videos) where Mama Z and I answer member questions about everything from specific disease protocols and prevention strategies, to cooking with essential oils. PLUS, you’ll receive special invitations to members-only Q & A’s that we host throughout the year!


With the Essential Oils Club, you’ll get instant access to my coveted eBook collection.

Covering everything from an exhaustive Gut Health Guide to Family First Aid & Medicine Cabinet Makeover to Home & Body Recipe books, this GROWING eBook library will be your one-stop-shop for all of your DIY & health needs.


Also included: HUNDREDS of printable guides, recipe cards, diffuser blends and so much more!

You can download everything.

Print it out or keep it handy on your laptop (or mobile!) for easy, on-the-go access.

Community and Connection

Learning about essential oils can feel overwhelming and lonely. But…

… with our private “Inner Circle” community, you’ll have a direct connection to me & Mama Z, our Natural Living Family team members, community mentors, as well as essential oils enthusiasts from around the world.

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  • Our Private “Inner Circle” Support Group (PRICELESS!)
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That’s right.
With our 30-day money-back guarantee you get a FULL month to give Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club a test drive to see whether or not it is the perfect resource for your family’s natural health and wellbeing.

Whether you want to stock up your natural medicine cabinet with the top 10 healing oils or get easy-to-make recipes for household cleaners, you can do it ALL with the Essential Oils Club membership.
Your Fellow Essential Oil Enthusiasts Say…

I am so thankful to have found Dr.Z’s book, the course, and this group.

I am on a budget, and will happily give up buying a couple of magazines at the grocery store every month, to be able to receive all the pertinent information and support that I get here.

– Marti J.

There is so much bad info out there. It’s great to have a place where I know I can get the truth without being “sold” to.

And the members are so nice and helpful.

– Lani A.

Dr. Z, you write in an easy to understand manner and I love that everything is evidence based.

Mama Z your recipes and DIY are awesome. I’ve learned so much from you both and I’m helping more and more people do the same!

– Carole S.

How Does This Club Membership Work?
This virtual club is unlike any other because you can…
  • Buy 100% Risk-free with our 30-Day money back guarantee.
As an Essential Oils Club member, you get these incredible benefits
  • Exclusive access to Dr. Z and his team to get answers to all your questions about using essential oils effectively and safely.
  • Ready-to-use, research-based resources, recipes and remedies for all your health and household concerns.
  • A safe, supportive and judgment-free space to share your stories, get support and lean on others for their help and encouragement.
NLF Mark of Excellence
PLUS… You’re Protected By The Natural Living Family’s Mark of Excellence.

Your membership is 100% risk-free because you’re protected by the Natural Living Family’s promise for 100% satisfaction.

You have a full 30 days to dive deep into the Essential Oils Club and try the recipes, remedies and resources for yourself.

If at any time during the first 30 days, you feel that the Club is not perfect for your health goals and needs, simply request a refund and we’ll send you back the initial payment in full. No questions asked.

Your health and your satisfaction is our priority.

Testimonial Jeanette
Is Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club Perfect for You?
If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below, you can be sure that the Essential Oils Club will be a perfect fit for your needs.
  • Do you want to live a natural, toxic-free life?
  • Do you want to learn how to use essential oils, but are uncertain where to start?
  • Are you confused by all the conflicting information on the internet?
  • Do you love essential oils, but you’re not 100% confident you’re using them the right way?
  • Do you love to DIY and have an insatiable craving for that next great idea, recipe or tip?
  • Are you pretty familiar with how to use essential oils and are ready to take your knowledge to the next level?
Or Maybe…
  • You’re a networking marking distributor with a desire to educate your customers and downline about how to use essential oils the right way?
  • You’re longing for a non-branded community where you can learn about how to use essential oils and not get “sold?
Now… You May Have Questions! Here are the Answers.
A. No. Dr. Z’s EO Club is a brand-neutral or “brand agnostic” educational platform designed to help you use essential oils the right way.
A. Dr. Z is strictly brand-neutral and does not promote one brand over another. Dr. Z and his family enjoy oils from several brands that sell pure products.
A. Dr. Z is a public health researcher trained as an aromatherapist and primary care physician who has devoted his life to the study of natural therapies.

He is one of the few globally-recognized essential oil educators and is the author of the bestselling books The Healing Power of Essential Oils and The Essential Oils Diet.
A. No. Dr. Z and Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club Inner Circle do NOT offer specific, step-by-step guidelines to prevent or treat disease. Dr. Z is legally prohibited to provide virtual medical advice to individuals. His Inner Circle is a great place to learn from your peers and he helps facilitate conversations in the private Facebook community page.

The information shared in the club will help set the groundwork for you to make educated decisions with your natural health care provider about how to potentially use essential oils to prevent or treat disease.

Always consult your physician before using essential oils.
A. You get instant access to all the current resources for the Club, including the Essential Oils database, the health applications resources and recipe cards, the eBook library, the EO TV and the private “Inner Circle” community.

As long as you are a subscriber, you will have unlimited access to all of the information available in the club.

However, Natural Living Family eCourses, masterclasses, print books and aromatherapy supplies are not included.
A. No, the masterclass and Dr. Z’s bestselling books (The Healing Power of Essential Oils & The Essential Oils Diet) are not included.
A. Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club is backed by A No-Questions-Asked 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If at any time during the next month you decide Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club is not the best program for you, simply contact our support team at Support@NaturalLivingFamily.com, and we’ll give you a 100% refund.
Still Here? Great!

Although the use of essential oils isn’t new, it has definitely gained a wild fanfare in recent years.

More people are learning how to use essential oils in place of artificial fragrances in the home and on their bodies, for culinary purposes, and for health and healing.

The more we use essential oils, the more we see how effective and powerful they are.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

There could be a few of us, though, who were born into families that used aromatherapy regularly.

For most of us, aromatherapy is all-new!

If you are just starting out and find yourself a bit lost in the jargon, recipes, and excitement, don’t worry.

You aren’t alone.

Let’s take some time here to bring you up to speed so you can learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

You can use essential oils…

  • topically,
  • via inhalation or,
  • ingestion.
However, it’s important to follow the right protocols for each.

Don’t worry, we go over all of that in the Essential Oils Club.

The best essential oils for healing comprise a complex network of molecules.

And each one has a different effect on the body.

Their strength to fight disease and reverse it is so effective that under the watchful eye of a trained natural health expert and aromatherapist, you may not need any drugs or any surgery.

Here’s the beauty of it all…

You don’t need hundreds of oils to reverse disease or live healthier.

You can stock your all-natural medicine cabinet with only the Top 10 Healing Oils.

You can lose those stubborn pounds and have more energy when you use essential oils to boost your metabolism.

You can finally give up chemical-laden facial cleansers, soaps and shampoos with healthier, safer and better DIY versions to not only save your skin from toxins but also help you save more money!

You can start to heal your gut, reverse diabetes, beat inflammation and live pain-free with aromatherapy and essential oils.

You can do ALL of this with the complete confidence that every bit of information has been carefully researched and tested so you don’t have to.

The only question is…
Are you ready for a healthier life and home?
Get UNLIMITED access to Dr. Z’s Essential Oils Club today & never pay a subscription fee, EVER!
Essential Oils Club Bundle
100% Money Back Guarantee – No questions asked, no hassle
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A Personal Message from the Zs
Zielinski Family Photo

Hi there, friend.

We know what it’s like to be sick.

Seriously, chronically sick.

Between the two of us, we have suffered from chronic pain, leaky gut, eating disorders, cystic acne, depression, and even suicidal thoughts for years.

And (thank God!) we know what it’s like to recover. NOT by using conventional medicine either!

In fact, medicine failed us and it literally took more than a decade for us to come up with the natural solutions that were just right for our bodies.

Learning about essential oils has been an important part of our healing journey and we are committed to sharing our research with the world.

Before we launched our website in 2014, we used to help educate and coach people for free because we could truly empathize with their suffering. All this started back in 2003. It was our joy to serve our friends, family, and neighbors.

We never imagined that our natural living resources will reach more than 5 million people every year.

This is why we are devoted to serving the world with as much free Biblically-inspired evidence-based, content as possible online.

This is also why we give so many FREE resources to help guarantee that your essential oils journey will be a success.

We hope you choose to join us for our Essential Oils Club and get the accompanying bonuses because we know it will be a game changer for your family and you.

It brings us more joy, than you can imagine, to see so many people regain control of their health with our natural living tips. And, it is our sincere honor to guide you along your journey toward abundant living!

Dr. Z and Mama Z Signature
Essential Oils Club
No subscription fees, EVER