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Hungry to know and share the truth about this powerful, natural remedy? Rise up above the noise and confusion around essential oils and equip yourself with an evidence-backed, faith-based approach to God’s greatest healing gift in Dr. Eric Zielinski’s National Bestseller.
Finally, Get Answers to Important Questions Like…
And so much more, from a non-branded, straightforward, faith-based expert…
Healing Power of Essential Oils 3D Book + EO
“I firmly believe that environmental toxins contribute to most chronic diseases today. In his brilliant book, Dr. Z delivers a priceless collection of DIY recipes that will help you detoxify your home, make over your medicine cabinet, and transform your body care to help you enjoy optimal health!”
Amy Myers, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution
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They’re Not Just Essential Oils. They’re God’s Gift to Anyone Seeking Power Over Their Own Health and Happiness…

Dear friend,

You have every right to be healthy. Happy. Abundant. And free.

In fact, these riches are your God-given right, and it’s up to you to ignore the constant noise and clamor of the world and claim them.

Your doctor can’t give them to you. Your employer or government can’t give them to you.

Even the people who love you and would do absolutely anything for you can’t give any of these things to you… even if they wanted to.

It’s true…

Hands Reaching Out
Claiming the abundant life you want is solely up to you. And essential oils are an undeniable tool in that quest.


Because they are the oldest “remedy” on earth. Not because they “treat” symptoms and mask problems like drugs do…

But, because for thousands of years through a variety of forms, they’ve addressed physiological disharmony in our bodies and helped bring them back into balance.

For many people, they are the missing puzzle piece in building a happy, healthy life.

Because without our health, what do we really have? What can we really enjoy? How can we live our purpose?

If we want to become the masters of our own lives, we must first become the masters of our own health.

But there’s a problem. A big one.

Many of us learned to rely solely on a healthcare system that preys on confusion and doesn’t really promote wellness.

Steven Masley
“In The Healing Power of Essential Oils, Dr. Z provides a cutting-edge and evidence-based approach to using essential oils. He astutely portrays how to prepare a variety of remedies. His well-written and detailed information makes this book a must-read for every essential oil user.”
Steven Masley, MD, FAHA FACN, FAAFP, CNS, author of The Better Brain Solution

If that sounds too harsh, consider this: if we have more information now than ever before about our health, then why is it so hard to get well?

In that sense, understanding the truth about using essential oils to cleanse, heal, and uplift the mind and body frees people from that vicious cycle of confusion, reliance, and ultimately– disappointment.

That’s what The Healing Power of Essential Oils is all about.

It doesn’t matter if your essential oils have been gathering dust for the last two years in your medicine cabinet or pantry…

Or, if you’re a seasoned practitioner who wants to fall back in love with what you do, or want to help your clients understand how these powerful oils can change their lives…

In fact, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never purchased essential oils before…

This book empowers you to take the steering wheel wherever you are in your journey with essential oils.

Zielinkski Family Photo

It’s backed by years of research, expert praise, and is the product of helping over 3 million people each year through our masterclasses and online community.

Its purpose is to help you align with God’s promises and claim your health and happiness on your own terms, using His very safe and natural gifts.

Can you imagine how great that feels?

My intention as a public health researcher, natural living enthusiast, and faithful Christian is for The Healing Power of Essential Oils to help you confidently march yourself and your family towards abundant health and never look back.

And, if you’re open to it, then we invite you to claim your free hard copy of this best-selling, eye-opening, and even life-changing collection of evidence, history, and protocols you can use to transform your own home.

Dr. Z and Mama Z
The Healing Power of Essential Oils Book
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Here’s What Readers Are Saying About The Healing Power of Essential Oils
5 Stars
I love your book, so much common sense!
Essential oils are a big part of my life but it’s so much more… healthy eating, getting exercise, fresh air, and you touch on a lifestyle not a quick fix. Thank you for the work you have done. You are truly a blessing to many.
Elizabeth vanden beukel
5 Stars
Love the book
It’s a definite must for EO users, novice or expert. Dr. Z and Mama Z make you feel like a part of their family. They’re helping me live my best life for me and my family.
mona winchester
5 Stars
My go to
This book has really made me feel educated when using EOs! My go to, often referred to and well read book!
Jan Van As
What’s Inside?
Part 1: Essential Oils Revolution
The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Part 1
Not sure what to believe or where to start? Dr. Z starts off with the fundamentals, which help you…
  • Discover how to decode the often deceptive language on the labels of your essential oil bottles to make sure they’re truly safe and pure.
  • Go way back and learn the truth about one big myth about essential oils in the Bible (hint: Jesus didn’t use essential oils!).
  • Uncover the “How” and “Why” behind essential oils so you’re never again at the mercy of marketing, blogs, or even the traditional medicine trap.
The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Part 1
Part 2: Dr. Z’s Recommended Oils For Nearly Every Occasion
The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Part 2
Ready to get hands on? Complete with 150+ DIY recipes & remedies, you’ll learn how to…
  • Easily replace conventional skin care, hair care, and over-the-counter “quick fixes” that chip away at our health (and save thousands of dollars in the process)…
  • Become your home’s resident expert on keeping kids, pets, and home safe from toxic cleaning chemicals and other pollutants.
  • Cook (yes, cook!) tasty, therapeutic recipes to enjoy culinary doses of the healing plant compounds found in essential oils.
  • And, so much more, that you’ll want to dog-ear, highlight, and even photocopy pages to come back to or give away to friends, family, and clients.
Part 3: Women’s Health
The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Part 3
Want to become your own best advocate? Have a daughter, granddaughter, sister, or friend who would benefit from knowing all their options? In these particularly eye-opening chapters, Dr. Z helps you…
  • Demystify women’s health issues like menstrual cycle irregularities, the stages of menopause, pregnancy concerns, fertility issues, and more.
  • Find out how to reduce your risk of developing chronic conditions and autoimmune disorders like eczema and Hashimoto’s disease.
  • Regain power over monthly cycles and other hormonal changes with simple DIY recipes that soothe, uplift, and transform.
  • And, learn how easy (and guilt-free) it is to prioritize self care, wellness, and health so you can “keep your cup full” no matter what life throws at you.
The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Part 3
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Discover Essential Oil Recipes You Won’t Find Anywhere Else…
HPEO Recipe Sheets
    • Morning Prayer or Meditation Body Oil
    • Sweet Slumber Diffuser Blend
    • Citrus-Powered Pain Relief Roll-On
    • Deet-Free Bug Spray
    • Essential Oil-Powered Mouthwash
    • Healthy Aging Body Butter
    • Lemon Fresh Laundry Detergent
    • Hot Spot Spray for Pets
    • Perineum Healing Soap
    • Menopause Relief Ointment
What Experts Are Saying About The Healing Power of Essential Oils…
Jill Winger
“One Of My Most Trusted Sources Of Natural Health Information”
“Essential oils are everywhere these days, unfortunately, solid, evidence-based information on how to properly use them isn’t as easy to find. Dr. Z isn’t afraid to dive into the research and tackle the hard and often confusing topics, which is exactly the reason I’ve come to look to him as one of my most-trusted sources of natural health information.”
Jill Winger, The Prairie Homestead
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
“No Fluff, Cutting-Edge Evidence-Based”
“An inspirational read that will enlighten you to the pervasive benefits of essential oils for emotional, mental and physical health! No-Fluff, cutting-edge, and evidence-based. The Healing Power of Essential Oils systematically debunks common myths and fanciful claims that have taken the internet by storm. The indispensable truths presented in this book makes it a must-read for every essential oil user.”
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, Founder of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy
Sylla Sheppard-Hanger
Kellyann Petrucci
“This Book Will Become Your Favorite Go-To Guide”
“If you’re confused by conflicting claims about essential oils, pick up this book now and get the unbiased, evidence-based information you’re seeking. The Healing Power of Essential Oils will become your favorite go-to guide if you’re serious about using these health-boosting oils safely, smartly, and effectively.”
Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND, New York Times besting selling author of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet
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For a Limited Time, When You Order Your Free Copy of The Healing Power of Essential Oils, You’ll Also Receive Instant Access to 20 DIY Demo Videos to Learn How to Make the Most Important Recipes from the Book!
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As a special BONUS, enjoy 20 DIY Demo Videos (2.5 hours) of one-on-one training with Dr. Z & Mama Z to learn how to make the most important remedies from the book including the cancer-fighting roll-on, fat-burning matcha latte, plus…

An exclusive interview with EO Vet Dr. Janet Roark to help you use essential oils on your pets with confidence!

Included are printable transcripts and audio files so you can take notes and learn on the go for years to come. This DIY Demo series bundle is valued at $97 value and you can enjoy all 20 videos for FREE.

Videos like…

DIY Morning Get Up and Go Diffuser Blend
DIY Mama Z's Oil Base
DIY Lemon Tea Tree Dish Soap
DIY Focus & Clarity Inhaler
DIY Joyful Body Oil
DIY Sweet Sleep Body Oil
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Isn’t It Time You Knew the Truth?
From here, it’s up to you to take the next step.
Will you continue to rely on myths and hearsay about one of the most powerful health alternatives on the planet– or will you decide to become the master of your own health with research based on evidence?
This book is for anyone who…
Or simply anyone who is open to knowing all of their options for living their life in full, abundant health on their own terms.
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More Praise for
The Healing Power of Essential Oils
5 Star
Dr. Z is extremely wise in essential oils, I feel safe using them all because of him and Mama Z. Love the book!
Carolyn Peterson Mitchell
5 Star
I bought your book when it came out, so much good and helpful information!
Luda Franklin
5 Star
One of the best books I’ve read. Highly recommend!
Kathy Mead McCammant
5 Star
I love my book. I have used the recipes a lot. I love the natural remedies. I don’t like taking medication for simple problems if there is a better solution.
Mary Ellen Chandler
5 Star
I love this book, it has helped me with so many health issues.
Bobbi Haskins
5 Star
This book has great and helpful information and I refer to it often!
Sandy Redding
About Dr. Z & The Natural Living Family
Dr Z
Dr. Eric Zielinski is on a mission to help people experience the abundant life. Formally trained as a public health researcher and aromatherapist, Dr. Z is the founder of the Essential Oils Revolution summits and Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass that have helped more than 550,000 people across the globe use essential oils safely and effectively. His website,, is visited by 3 million natural health seekers every year, and it has rapidly become the #1 resource for non-branded, faith-based essential oils education on the Internet today. He is a regular guest and featured expert on podcasts, summits and documentaries across the globe.
Dr Z
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