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Hope for Breast Cancer eBook Bundle Bookshelf

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.”

~ Matthew 7:24

Everyone agrees, the Award-Winning Film “Hope for Breast Cancer” is a riveting tale of faith & courage. 

“Wow!” is the word most people have used to share their response to watching Angie’s healing journey unfold…

You laugh, you cry, you stare in awe. Though, there is so much happening during the film that it’s easy to overlook some of the subtle nuances.

Case in point, the therapies. From traveling to Cancun for alternative treatments her insurance didn’t cover, to having a CO2 laser mastectomy done in New York, the integrative treatments that Angie used to beat cancer have a tendency to outshine some of the less flashy modalities.

Truth be told: if it weren’t for THREE special activities that Angie was faithful to do nearly every single day, there’s doubt that the other “stuff” would have worked so well….

  • First, she made regular Bible study and devotions part of her daily protocol.
  • Second, she regularly journaled her thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  • Third, she became a voracious student of natural cancer therapies & integrative oncology.
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The words of the Bible & wisdom shared by someone who has already been marked by the scars of the experiences that you are suffering through, will give you insight into how you can most effectively traverse down a road that may seem dim right now, but will be full of light soon…

The Hope for Breast Cancer eBook Bundle empowers you with the resources you need to:

  • Be uplifted spiritually by God’s Word & by real survivor stories.
  • Stay encouraged in spite of a diagnosis (yours or loved one).
  • Make educated decisions about cancer treatments.
  • Learn about integrative oncology & natural therapies that can help.
  • Raise money for treatments not covered by insurance.
  •  Filled with HOPE that you and your loved ones can beat cancer…
Hope for Breast Cancer eBook Bundle Bookshelf


My Healing Journey Devotional Prayer Journal

A Hope for Breast Cancer EXCLUSIVE, this 200-page spiritual guide may prove to be the most important resource on YOUR healing journey!


Inspired by a behind-the-scenes interview with Angie Lima, you will be guided through a life-transforming 15-day experience where you will be challenged, inspired and filled with HOPE to begin your own healing journey like Angie did. Whether you need emotional, physical or spiritual healing, this devotional prayer journal is for you!

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Hope for Breast Cancer eBook Bundle Bookshelf

This bundle is perfect for you if you’re looking for…

  • Cancer Prevention & Therapy Handbook – Explore the latest evidence-based options that integrative oncologists use across the globe
  • Caregiver Empowerment Guide
    – A complete resource to support YOU as you support your loved ones
  • 25 Questions – The best answers to the most pressing questions, to help you choose the Best Doctor for you
  • How to Fund Your Cancer Treatment – Understand your financial options & learn alternatives to insurance as costs increase
  • Reconstruction Guide – Curated by survivors & experts, everyone woman on the planet needs to read this book!
  • Bibliography – Quick Reference Guide to every topic discussed in award-winning film, Hope for Breast Cancer
  • Glossary – Common medical terms defined in easy-to-understand language
  • Scientific ReferencesHope for Breast Cancer Documentary Guide eBook
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