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If You’re Tired of Women’s Health Issues Being Worsened or Flat-Out Ignored by Our Healthcare System, the Women’s Health Series Advanced Training Series is for you…
Complete with 7 video lessons, MP3s & searchable printable transcripts empowering you with the protocols you need to use essential oils for abundant women’s health..
Get instant access to the advanced strategies you need for these important health issues specific to women:
Autoimmunity, Breast Cancer, Candida & Yeast Infections, Abuse & Trauma, PMS & Menopause, Pregnancy, Nursing & More!
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Did you know that women’s pain is more likely to be ignored by their doctors?

Or, that most of the medical research that informs traditional medicine is based on male research subjects? If you’re female, this likely doesn’t surprise you…

It’s also likely you’ve been looking for a better way to take control of your own health so you’re not stuck relying on a system that simply doesn’t work for many women.

If that sounds like you or someone you love, you’ll want to take advantage of the major discount we’re offering for our 7-Part Women’s Health Series…


This unique series includes 7 advanced training classes to equip you with ALL the tools you need to use essential oils safely and effectively for women’s health…

Plus, we’ve included video content, MP3s, transcripts, and other helpful resources so you can learn the way that’s best for you– and you don’t have to worry about taking notes!

Inside, you’ll get instant access to over 7 private video lessons addressing women’s health issues like…

Abuse & Trauma
Breast Cancer
Candida & Yeast
Libido & PMS
Birth & Nursing

In addition to these helpful videos, you’ll a BONUS Q&A recording to answer questions that might come up while you work your way through the series!

Here’s what other women who are joining this one-of-a-kind, women’s-only learning experience have to say…
5 Stars

Dear Dr. Z and Mama Z, thank you so so much for this wonderful course – from knowing very little about essential oils, I truly believe I can move ahead and try them with no fear and more confidence!

5 Stars

Thank you Dr. Z and Mama Z for your research, education, experience, and time. I thoroughly enjoyed these videos… I have learned so much about EOs from you over the years. 


5 Stars

I love Mama Z’s joyful blend! And it worked wonders on my friend’s daughter. When I tell you within 2-3 mins this child was calm and breathing normal again you best to believe it! She just hugged me & thanked me. 


These lessons normally retail for $197 and are one of our favorite series to share with our community…

And once you begin moving through some of the safe, simple, and natural protocols within these lessons, it’ll be easy to see why.

In fact, what you’ll learn will empower you and open your eyes to a whole new world of options when it comes to your health.

And even though this series is worth every penny of $197, you won’t pay that full price today.

We want to YOU an opportunity to get INSTANT access to the series for just…

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