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Dr. Z, Mama Z & The Natural Living Family
Learn about the 3 Bible-based “Prescriptions” you need for a healthy, abundant life:
Your Spiritual Prescription
Bible Health Academy Bundle
Bible Health
Enjoy a healthier life through Biblical wisdom & expert guidance with Dr. Z & Mama Z as your Christian Living Mentors.
Daily Proverb Challenge
The Daily
Proverb Challenge
Spend 31 days in God’s Word with Dr. Z as you read through, meditate on, and apply the 31 Proverbs to your everyday
Your Essential Oils Prescription
Essential Oils Revolution Summits 1 & 2
Learn from 64 of the world’s most sought after experts sharing evidence-based and practical advice for using essential oils safely, effectively and confidently
Healing with Essential Oils eBook Bundle
Healing With Essential Oils eBook Bundle
Learn how to eliminate thousands of toxins from your home and save $700+ annually on cleaning & personal care products
Essential Oils for Abundant Living
Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass
Master the art and science of aromatherapy alongside Dr. Z & Mama Z with their famous video series enjoyed by 500,000+ people
Women's Health Series
Women’s Health
Understand how to use essential oils safely & effectively for the most important health issues facing women of all ages
Healing Remedies Database
Healing Remedies

Get easy access to more than 250+ essential oil healing remedies at your fingertips for issues like sleep, anxiety, pain, and more

Essential Oil Database
Essential Oil
Profile Database
Discover the benefits, uses, and interactions of the top 50 healing essential oils like lavender, Ylang Ylang, clary sage, and other healing oils
Your Lifestyle Prescription
Heal Your Gut Summit
Heal Your
Gut Summit
Learn from 35 gut health experts from around the globe about evidence-based tools you need to heal your gut naturally
Mama Z’s DIY Home
& Body eBook Bundle
Reference hundreds of DIY tips and tricks, allergen-free recipes, natural first hacks, and other home & body care projects
Mama Z’s 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Reset Plan
Fight pain, burn fat, balance your mood & hormones with 28 delicious meals that will soothe inflammation once & for all!
Mama Z's Home & Garden Club
Mama Z’s
Home & Garden Club
Transform your home & garden into safe, healthy haven with Mama Z’s ultimate crash course in non-toxic living
About Dr. Z & The Natural Living Family

Reaching more than 5 million people each year, Natural Living Family is led and founded by Dr. Eric Zielinski, D.C., Bible Health Expert, regular on The 700 Club, and #1 best-selling author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils.

Trained as an aromatherapist, public health researcher, and chiropractor, Dr. Z started in 2014 with his wife to help people learn how to use natural remedies like essential oils safely and effectively.

His wife, Sabrina Zielinski, is a certified group fitness and martial arts instructor, health coach, lactation consultant, a natural health guru, and former Mrs. Georgia. The mastermind behind the allergy-friendly food recipes and do-it-yourself remedies featured on, she’s known as “Mama Z” to many fellow moms who are looking for natural ways to care for their families.

Before Natural Living Family launched in 2014, Dr. and Mama Z used to help educate and coach people for free because they could truly empathize with their suffering. It was their joy to serve friends, family, and neighbors.

They never imagined that their natural living resources would reach more than 5 million people every year!

This is why the Natural Living Family team is devoted to serving the world with as much free Biblically-inspired, evidence-based content as possible online.

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